Doggy Day Care

Long days at work & your dog is starting to dig or bark out of boredom?
Call us now for Doggy Day Care - we can pick up your dog for a fun day filled with walks and play, but also relaxation and a bit of training if required.
It is a fantastic way to socialize your dog.

I LOVE my time with Boris and my other friends when I go to Doggy Day Care with the Wags Galore team…!
I am well looked after & come home very well exercised, tired & a very happy & content dog indeed!
Highly recommended….! Pebbles and her mum, Wahroonga.

Molly - gorgeous black lab, regular doggy day care visitor

Molly, one of our day-care regulars and soccer ball newbie

I know Molly is loving her time with you and you have brought her back to her old self with doggy socializing after her bad experience with quarantine. We had 3 dogs here all Sunday and they all had a ball together.,
thanks again,  Janet and Molly   St. Ives

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